2016 To Do List

As a general rule I don’t make new year resolutions. I dislike new years celebrations in general, too many bad memories. I’m sticking to my guns and so what follows isn’t a list of resolutions and I won’t hold to them absolutely, but they are some goals and things to look forward to in 2016. Here’s to another 12 months around the sun.

  1. Make a list ☑
  2. Tick items on list as they’re completed ☑ (so far so good)
  3. Write more on my blog & in other mediums (not sure if I should put a number here)
  4. Complete ‘semi’ secret project One by April
  5. Start on ‘semi’ secret project Two
  6. Build a Aquaponics system
  7. Create/Design my first weave
  8. Learn isiXhosa (difficult one, I gave up learning years ago as I sucked)
  9. Learn some signs (sign language)
  10. Complete the Otter Trail
  11. Upgrade/Fix my website
  12. Help my wife fix her website
  13. Increase vegetable production 10% from 2015
  14. Teach old dog new trick (Ted needs a new trick)
  15. Go on a holiday
  16. Camping….

I’ll probably have to add to the list through the year, but that’s not a bad start.