I married into a family that does amazing things

My mother and father did and do some amazing things. My mother is simply put a bad-ass and continues to do some awesome stuff and my late father remains an inspiration to me.

Which is why I’m really glad to have married into a family that also does really cool shit. My father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and my wife run Mungo a truly unique textile company based in Plettenberg Bay. In a country where the textile industry is struggling against Asian imports and ever rising costs and where dye houses and weaving mills are shutting down, they have kept at it and they make truly beautiful products (which I will continue to shamelessly promote.)

And then they go and do more amazing stuff.

The pictures above are of one of their new tea towels being woven on a 19th Century Hattersley Loom. Years of work went in to sourcing parts to restore this 100 year old machine to working order. Sure you could have woven this product on a modern machine, but these guys are the real deal, authentic and dedicated. That right there is a piece of history worth saving. I find it inspiring.

Read more about this restored loom on their blog.